Mavic 2012 Ksyrium SL Wheels

Exotic materials, super light, legendary build quality and a decent price tag. Could these be the perfect mid level race wheel?

Factory wheels, they do get their fair share of bad press. Me? I actually really like a good factory wheel, something about the whole integrated package and awesome materials does it.  Purists will argue that true wheels are a hand crafted art-form but I do think the some factory wheels are simply brilliant designs that stand testament to advances in materials and manufacturing in the bicycle world. The literally leave the best handmade wheels in the past and the back of the pack.

So let’s have a look at the Mavic. One glance and you realise the amount of tech in these wheels. The CNC machine has been at the rim surfaces, the hubs are a work of CNC and carbon art and the mix of Zicral and Maxtal alloys mean there’s no usual 6160 here. Mavic opt for the trickle down approach to their componentry and you see many features of the highest end wheels of a few years ago on the current medium tier range.

The mavics are a great option for an awesome race wheel and at 1485 grams for a pair there’s little going to be holding you back. This spoke lacing design consist in lacing the spokes radially on the drive side and crossed 2 on the non drive side and they look really balanced and can take the worst that you’ll need to throw at them. The secret to a fast wheel is weight at outer circumference and the Mavics use Zicral for spokes a highly resistant and and lightweight aluminum alloy – talk about tech….

Bearings and freehubs are solid and emit that nice balanced tick that’s nice enough to hear without an overly loud clickety clack of some other brands. Build quality is excellent, so don’t expect these to drop out of true, at least for a good riding season.

If you’re in the Market for a pair of factory wheels at this level then you won’t go too far wrong.

Coming it at around the £600 mark but probably a bit less if you shop around. Go ride these beauty’s…

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