Paul Budnitz Bicycles

Paul Budnitz Bicycles and the new Kid on the block.


Maybe I’m a bit slow of the mark with this one, but I came across Budnitz Bicycles recently an they caught my attention so I thought they might be good to catch yours. Budnitz Bicycles take it;s name form founder and all round design aficionado Paul Budnitz who’s the guy behind Kidrobot one of the worlds most influential names in ‘art toys’. Now, building high end Ti bikes doesn’t have much to do with preformed toys for adults but it’s interesting to see a fresh name enter the scene. There’s quite a weighting on the ‘Urban’ bike but still the look and feel of the bikes is way way beyond what we’d normal see crusing round in a pair of jeans.

The ti is put together by Lynskey Performance in the USA, so the Ti is guaranteed to be top quality and the components are sourced from ’boutique’ fabricators from the US and Europe.

Frame finish does indeed look very good and there’s defiantly been the eye to detail that we’d expect at this level and particularly from Lynskey. I hope there’s more to the conceptual frame designs than purely aesthetics but would have so see a rolling example to know.  There’s some excellent component choices with names like King and Paul but then there’s some absolute shocking choices too – check our those avid cable actuated disk and super market tyres.. For a bike starting at $5500 I’d like to see a little more thought on components.

Here’s what they say about themselves anyway…

We believe that we create the fastest, most fun, and most beautiful urban bicycles in the world. Working exclusively in Titanium, our super-light bicycles will last a lifetime and are a blast to ride.

Paul Budnitz Bicycles trademark Cantilever Frames™ ,U™ and Half-Crown™ forks are stunning — and are designed to optimize each bicycle’s ride. The gentle split top-tube arc that characterizes all of our frames flexes in the right places, and is stiff in others. We make our own titanium seatposts, stems, and Speedbar™ handlebars.

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