2012 New England Builders Ball, Providence RI

There’s no better way to begin a trip to New England than find yourself in a room packed full to the brim with some of the finest bicycles on the planet, live music and a chilled IPA in hand – that’s what a very jet lagged Angles and Poise roving reporter discovered at the 2012 New England Builders Ball

There’s not many places you get to see such a wide range of beautifully put together bikes and then to chat to the guys behind the tools was the icing on the cake.

Firefly’s were super nice with a clean Ti edge, Brian Chapman’s bikes had a real nice finish and crafted feel and Spooky’s fat alloy welds with what can probably only be described as ‘hyper glitter ball metallic’ literally lit up one corner of the room.

3 bikes of the show for me in no particular order…

Andrew Watson has some mad skills going on and probably the fattest head badges in North America. He brought down a slick black road machine that was destined for a customer but caught my eye for the paint detailing and classic good looks.

Kris Henry at 44 Bikes brought down 2 really great bikes the first being an immense 29er with super a super short chain stays which looked like it could ride itself and then a really really nicely finished cross bike. Kris has design and aesthetics nailed.

And then Marty at Geekhouse brought down a trio of Team Mudvilles. Flouro powder coat, oversized headtubes, bespoke ultra machined dropouts and some really very tidy welding came together to make a great set of bikes. Marty’s personal satin black Mudville was a definite head turner.

It was great to meet and chat with everyone on the night and great to see The New England Bloodline poster displayed as part of the show.

Here’s a few other snaps from the night…

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