Crumpton Cycles

Stunning good looks and detailing to make your eyes water.

Crumpton sit along many US based custom carbon outfits in sourcing composite material form Enve Composites but as in many things the outcome as a whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Proprietary rear stays and a fit system based on both comfort and performance mean that a Crumpton is unique beyond what it’s sourced tubing might suggest.

Every frame still has the design and finish eye of Nick Crumpton which means the details are about as personal as you’re going to get.

Where Crumption really shines though is in their Special Projects, and when I say special they don’t get much more special than specifically commissioned framesets. With most special projects being ultralight road machines coming in at under 700 grams you can only imagine the process and price tag that comes along with a project commission. SL frames start at $5300 with a host of options.

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