January Weight Loss Programme

Everyone loves a bit of weight loss to see in January, so here’s my top weight reducing picks to set you off.. High carbon, not low calorie.

For those on a budget diet how about a pair of Easton EA90 Carbon Tubs to ease a few Gs from the new year. At 1350g per pair the 56mm carbon aero rim profile combined with precision sealed, all alloy freehub makes a mean weight saver…

If wheels sit high on your weight saving list, and they should, and you want something even more special than the Easton then look no further than the super exotic Lightweight wheels. They’re hand made in Germany, they’ve more carbon than a pencil lead and amongst carbon wheel aficionados have the reputation of reliability, craftsmanship and being featherweight…

So let’s look at the Lightweight ¬†Ventoux 190 SE with ceramic DT Swiss hubs and a price tag of ¬£3480… The Ventoux has a less aero profile for when the road heads north and it doesn’t take much to know the words Ceramic and DTSwiss mean a fine set of spoke carriers sit between the drop outs… Oh, the weight? How does 995g a pair grab you?

Schmolke Carbon is a joint venture between two brothers, one an engineer and the other a sports educator specialising in cycling. They’re using their years if racing and riding to produce done of the most tailored bits of carbon on the planet. Mass production is out in favour of fully tailored carbon wonderment on an individual basis.

Let’s look at the carbon bars. Over engineered to be the lightest bars on the planet and custom made for your weight, riding style and specific needs. With carbon and alloy engineered into specific clamping stress points they throw sway the accepted wisdom that light and string can’t go together. They’re proven stronger and lighter than many, if not all, of their peers. They look a million dollars too…

And to finish them off some hand made end plugs weighing in at 1.5 Grams.

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