New England Bicycle Bloodline.

This project has been a long time in the making but I set out to chart the interconnections in the New England scene charting things back to the pioneering builders of the early 70′s. I had heaps of help along the way and will do a write-up of how I created the infographic soon.

UPDATE 06/08/12 – Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on the graphic. Plenty of kind words and also some corrections. We’re now on V1.2… Keep any feedback coming though I think we’re a way of ‘finished’…

UPDATE 08/08/12 – V 1.3. Added Ted Wojcik, Spooky and Tomii as well as some other tweaks.

UPDATE 04/09/12 – V 1.4. Added 44 Bikes, Vicious and EWR and some other little items.

View the high res version here.

If you’re interested in some of the builders in the bloodline still working then here’s some links to explore.


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