The Custom Road Bike by Guy Andrews

My advice would be to make room on your coffee table. The Custom Road Bike by Guy Andrews certainly deserves a spot.

Guy takes us on a lustrously illustrated journey around the custom road bike from base materials, to components, geometry and introduces us to some of the grand daddies of the frame building world; namely IF, Serotta, Parlee and Richard Sachs.

My only criticism is that for me, and I suspect many who embark into the world, it doesn’t delve deeply into the finer details of culture, brand or performance and instead chooses to touch on many subjects without great depth, to the point where I wonder if they’re of worth – a very light swing by current Campag versus SRAM groups for example.

In any case, it’s still a worthy addition to your shelf. It costs a little under £20 to buy, but will probably cost you a lot more in the long run.

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